Tuesday, February 7, 2017

IndieSwatch Bests Announced!

Indie Lovers!

I am pleased to announced the winners, runner ups and honorable mentions.  I would like to invite all the brands who are mentioned to send an email to my contact information for an informal spotlight featured on this site.  I decided to select 2 winners to win $25 e-certificate to their brand of choice and they have been emailed (so be sure to check your email).

Best Indie Brand
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: Cupcake Polish
3rd:  Nvr Enuff Polish

Biggest Loss
1st:  Frenzy Polish
2nd: Love, Angeline
3rd:  Loaded Lacquer

Best New Comer
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: Blush Lacquer
3rd:  Supermoon Lacquer

Best Summer Collection
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Summer Shimmers Collection
2nd: KB Shimmer - Summer Collection
3rd:  Polish 'M - Rest and Relaxation Collection

Best Spring Collection
1st:  KB Shimmer - Spring Collection
2nd: Bliss Polish - Basix Cremes Collection
3rd:  Sweet and Sour Lacquer - Frozen Yogurt

Best Fall Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Fall/Halloween Collection
2nd: Painted Polish - Gobble Til' You Wobble Collection
3rd:  Bliss Polish - Fall Cremes Collection

Best Winter Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: ILNP - Winter 2016 Collection
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Winter Collection

Best Holiday Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: Polish 'M - Christmas Collection
3rd:  Turtle Tootsies Polish - Elf Collection

Best Halloween Collection
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Halloween Collection
2nd: Different Dimension - Poe Collection
3rd:  Painted Polish - Gone Haunting Collection

Best Overall Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: KB Shimmer - Birthstone Collection
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer - Holo Jellies Collection

Best Collaboration Box
1st:  Holo Hook Up Box
2nd: For the Love of Polish Box
3rd:  Pipe Down This Love Is Bliss Box

Best Base Coat
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - All About the Base
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Stuck on Blue
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Basic Training

Best Matte Top Coat
1st:  KB Shimmer - Oh Matte!
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics - Polish Matte'rs
3rd:  Bluebird Lacquer (formerly Lou It Yourself) - Nothing Else Matte'rs

Best Shiny Top Coat
1st:  Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Quick Dry Top Coat
3rd:  SuperChic Lacquer - Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat

Best Holo Top Coat
1st:  ILNP - My Private Rainbow
2nd: KB Shimmer - Prism Break
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer - Diamond

Best Brand for Holographic Polish
1st:  Cupcake Polish
2nd: Colors by Llarowe
3rd:  ILNP

Best Brand for Glitter Toppers
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Crows Toes Nail Color
3rd:  Polish 'M

Best Brand for Glitter Bombs
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Crows Toes Nail Color
3rd:  Lynderella Nail Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Crellies
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Painted Polish
3rd:  Polish 'M

Best Brand for Cremes
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Glisten and Glow
3rd:  Bliss Polish

Best Brand for Multichromes
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: ILNP
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer

Best Brand for Customs
1st:  The Don Deeva Custom Varnish
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Brand for Stamping Polishes
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Rica Nail Polish
3rd:  Emily de Molly

Best Brand for Thermal Polishes
1st:  Femme Fatale Cosmetics
2nd: Parrot Polish
3rd:  Fancy Gloss Polish

Best Brand for Shimmer Polishes
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Illyrian Polish
3rd:  Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Best Brand for Micro Glitters
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Dreamland Lacquer
3rd:  Turtle Tootsies Polish

Best Brand for Flakies
1st:  Ever After Polish
2nd: Pahlish
3rd:  Frenzy Polish

Best Brand for Polishes that Watermarble
1st:  Pipedream Polish
2nd: Vapid Lacquer
3rd:  Native War Paints

Best Thermal Polish
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Sweaters N Denim
2nd: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Fortune Tellers Charm
3rd:  Parrot Polish - Iris

Best Glow In The Dark Polish
1st:  Serum N5 - Moonlight
2nd: Drip Drop Nail Paint - Meteor Shower
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Full Moon

Best Holographic Polish
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Ride or Die
3rd:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Dragon Heartstring

Best Jelly Based Polish
1st:  KB Shimmer - Are You Ready For This Jelly?
2nd: Baroness X - Doomjelly
3rd:  Loaded Lacquer - No Bra

Best White Creme
1st:  Glisten and Glow - Wedding Gown White
2nd: Rica Polish - Whiteout
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Tighty Whities

Best Black Creme
1st:  Rica Polish - Blackout
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Little Black Dress
3rd:  Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief

Best Red Creme
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Resting Bitch Face
2nd: KB Shimmer - Chili Pepper
3rd:  Bliss Polish - Cherry

Best Black Holo
1st:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Soul
2nd:  KB Shimmer - Stark Raven Mad
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer - Black Holo Witch

Best Silver Holo
1st:  ILNP - Mega X
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Ride or Die
3rd:  Different Dimension - Big Bang

Best Gold Holo
1st:  KB Shimmer - Whiskey Business
2nd: Illyrian Polish - Believe In The Unicorn
3rd:  Enchanted Polish - Flashing Lights

Best Red Holo
1st:  SuperChic Lacquer - Realm of Erotica
2nd: Colors by Llarowe - Mighty Red Baron
3rd:  Chaos + Crocodiles - Never Give Up On A Miracle

Best Pink Holo
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Original Sin
2nd: Painted Polish - Haute Parisian Nights
3rd:  ILNP - Daisy

Best Purple Holo
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Vapid Lacuqer - Grape Stomp
3rd:  Tonic Polish - Angelfish

Best Overall White
1st:  Ever After Polish - Mother of Dragons
2nd: Rica Polish - Whiteout
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Tighty Whities

Best Overall Black
1st:  Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief
2nd: Cirque Colors - Momento Mori
3rd:  Rica Polish - Blackout

Best Overall Grey
1st:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Thunder
2nd: Enchanted Polish - Spiderwebs
3rd:  Polish 'M - Manna's Magnificent Masterpiece

Best Overall Red
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Firestarter
2nd: ILNP - Diablo
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Get to the Poinsettia

Best Overall Pink
1st:  Tonic Polish - Polish Con or Bust
2nd: ILNP - Juliette
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Things That Make You Go Bloom

Best Overall Orange
1st:  Nvr Enuff - Awesome Sauce
2nd: Polish 'M - The Last Mile Home
3rd:  Stached Lacquer - I Don't Carrot All

Best Overall Yellow
1st:  Bliss Polish - Daisy
2nd: Polish 'M - Forget The Rest
3rd:  Sweet and Sour Lacquer - Aye Caramba

Best Overall Green
1st:  Tonic Polish - Slitherin
2nd: Colors by Llarowe - Gemini Rising
3rd:  Stached Lacquer - Second Breakfast

Best Overall Blue
1st:  KB Shimmer - Up and Cunning
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish - Lapis Lazuli
3rd:  Pahlish - Sailing the Hispaniola

Best Overall Purple
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Baroness X - Doomfire
3rd:  Pahlish - Umridge

Best Overall Gold
1st:  KB Shimmer - Whiskey Business
2nd: Enchanted Polish - Flashing Lights
3rd:  Stached Polish - Glitzy New Year

Best Overall Silver
1st:  ILNP Mega X
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Happy Freakin New Year
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Diamond

Best Overall Multichrome
1st:  Tonic Polish - Dragon Tears
2nd: ILNP - Masquerade
3rd:  Crows Toes Nail Color - Indian Summer

Best Indie Brand for Latex Nail Barrier
1st:  Bliss Kiss - Simply Peel
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Cat Suit
3rd:  Cuticula - Scented Liquid Nail Tape

Best Indie Brand for Stamping Plates
1st:  UberChic Beauty
2nd: Emily de Molly
3rd:  Lina Nail Art Supplies

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Oil
1st:  Bliss Kiss
2nd: Heather's Hues
3rd:  Lilly Anne's Garden

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Balm
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Lilly Anne's Garden
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Indie Brand for Mani Bombs
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Bluebird Lacquer (formerly Lou It Yourself)
3rd:  Lolita Lacquer/Loquita Bath and Body

Best Indie Brand for Vinyls
1st:  Twinkled T
2nd: What's Up Nails
3rd:  Vino Vinyls

Best Indie Brand for Decals
1st:  What's Up Nails
2nd: KB Shimmer
3rd:  Twinkled T

Best Indie Stockist
1st:  Color 4 Nails
2nd: Live Love Polish
3rd:  Harlow and Co

Best Indie Brand for Non-Polish Products
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Vapid Lacquer
3rd:  Ever After Polish

Best Customer Service
1st:  Vapid Polish
2nd: ILNP
3rd:  Parrot Polish

Best Turn Around Time
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Glam Polish
3rd:  Rica Polish

Best Interaction With a Brand
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish
3rd:  Anchor and Heart

Best Brand Fan Facebook Group
1st:  Vapid - Vapicorns
2nd: Parrot Polish - Parrot Polish Party People
3rd:  Polish 'M - Polish 'M Fans

Best Non-Brand Facebook Group 
1st:  Hella Holo Customs
2nd: Acetone Alley
3rd:  For the Love of Indies