Sunday, March 12, 2017

$25 e-Certificat Giveaway and Schedule!

Indie Lovers!

With the IndieSwatch Bests, I promised to giveaway 2 eCertificates of $25 and sadly, 1 winner did not claim their prize (after 3 emails and 1 message on instagram).  So that means I have an extra eCertificate to giveaway!

I also wanted to let you know the daily themes I post on Instagram.
Mondays - free for all (nail art and swatches)
Tuesday - nail art on all 4 fingers
Wednesday - free for all (nail art and swatches)
Thursday - thermals, glow in the dark, black light photos, solar changing
Friday - free for all (nail art and swatches)
Saturday - free for all (nail art and swatches)
Sunday - swatches only

See the rafflecopter below on how to enter for the eCertificate.


18+, International (as long as you can receive nail polish - I will select a stockist that suits your geographic needs)
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

IndieSwatch Bests Announced!

Indie Lovers!

I am pleased to announced the winners, runner ups and honorable mentions.  I would like to invite all the brands who are mentioned to send an email to my contact information for an informal spotlight featured on this site.  I decided to select 2 winners to win $25 e-certificate to their brand of choice and they have been emailed (so be sure to check your email).

Best Indie Brand
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: Cupcake Polish
3rd:  Nvr Enuff Polish

Biggest Loss
1st:  Frenzy Polish
2nd: Love, Angeline
3rd:  Loaded Lacquer

Best New Comer
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: Blush Lacquer
3rd:  Supermoon Lacquer

Best Summer Collection
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Summer Shimmers Collection
2nd: KB Shimmer - Summer Collection
3rd:  Polish 'M - Rest and Relaxation Collection

Best Spring Collection
1st:  KB Shimmer - Spring Collection
2nd: Bliss Polish - Basix Cremes Collection
3rd:  Sweet and Sour Lacquer - Frozen Yogurt

Best Fall Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Fall/Halloween Collection
2nd: Painted Polish - Gobble Til' You Wobble Collection
3rd:  Bliss Polish - Fall Cremes Collection

Best Winter Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: ILNP - Winter 2016 Collection
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Winter Collection

Best Holiday Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: Polish 'M - Christmas Collection
3rd:  Turtle Tootsies Polish - Elf Collection

Best Halloween Collection
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Halloween Collection
2nd: Different Dimension - Poe Collection
3rd:  Painted Polish - Gone Haunting Collection

Best Overall Collection
1st:  Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection
2nd: KB Shimmer - Birthstone Collection
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer - Holo Jellies Collection

Best Collaboration Box
1st:  Holo Hook Up Box
2nd: For the Love of Polish Box
3rd:  Pipe Down This Love Is Bliss Box

Best Base Coat
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - All About the Base
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Stuck on Blue
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Basic Training

Best Matte Top Coat
1st:  KB Shimmer - Oh Matte!
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics - Polish Matte'rs
3rd:  Bluebird Lacquer (formerly Lou It Yourself) - Nothing Else Matte'rs

Best Shiny Top Coat
1st:  Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Quick Dry Top Coat
3rd:  SuperChic Lacquer - Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat

Best Holo Top Coat
1st:  ILNP - My Private Rainbow
2nd: KB Shimmer - Prism Break
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer - Diamond

Best Brand for Holographic Polish
1st:  Cupcake Polish
2nd: Colors by Llarowe
3rd:  ILNP

Best Brand for Glitter Toppers
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Crows Toes Nail Color
3rd:  Polish 'M

Best Brand for Glitter Bombs
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Crows Toes Nail Color
3rd:  Lynderella Nail Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Crellies
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Painted Polish
3rd:  Polish 'M

Best Brand for Cremes
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Glisten and Glow
3rd:  Bliss Polish

Best Brand for Multichromes
1st:  Tonic Polish
2nd: ILNP
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer

Best Brand for Customs
1st:  The Don Deeva Custom Varnish
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Brand for Stamping Polishes
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Rica Nail Polish
3rd:  Emily de Molly

Best Brand for Thermal Polishes
1st:  Femme Fatale Cosmetics
2nd: Parrot Polish
3rd:  Fancy Gloss Polish

Best Brand for Shimmer Polishes
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Illyrian Polish
3rd:  Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Best Brand for Micro Glitters
1st:  Painted Polish
2nd: Dreamland Lacquer
3rd:  Turtle Tootsies Polish

Best Brand for Flakies
1st:  Ever After Polish
2nd: Pahlish
3rd:  Frenzy Polish

Best Brand for Polishes that Watermarble
1st:  Pipedream Polish
2nd: Vapid Lacquer
3rd:  Native War Paints

Best Thermal Polish
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Sweaters N Denim
2nd: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Fortune Tellers Charm
3rd:  Parrot Polish - Iris

Best Glow In The Dark Polish
1st:  Serum N5 - Moonlight
2nd: Drip Drop Nail Paint - Meteor Shower
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Full Moon

Best Holographic Polish
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Ride or Die
3rd:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Dragon Heartstring

Best Jelly Based Polish
1st:  KB Shimmer - Are You Ready For This Jelly?
2nd: Baroness X - Doomjelly
3rd:  Loaded Lacquer - No Bra

Best White Creme
1st:  Glisten and Glow - Wedding Gown White
2nd: Rica Polish - Whiteout
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Tighty Whities

Best Black Creme
1st:  Rica Polish - Blackout
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Little Black Dress
3rd:  Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief

Best Red Creme
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Resting Bitch Face
2nd: KB Shimmer - Chili Pepper
3rd:  Bliss Polish - Cherry

Best Black Holo
1st:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Soul
2nd:  KB Shimmer - Stark Raven Mad
3rd:  F.U.N. Lacquer - Black Holo Witch

Best Silver Holo
1st:  ILNP - Mega X
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Ride or Die
3rd:  Different Dimension - Big Bang

Best Gold Holo
1st:  KB Shimmer - Whiskey Business
2nd: Illyrian Polish - Believe In The Unicorn
3rd:  Enchanted Polish - Flashing Lights

Best Red Holo
1st:  SuperChic Lacquer - Realm of Erotica
2nd: Colors by Llarowe - Mighty Red Baron
3rd:  Chaos + Crocodiles - Never Give Up On A Miracle

Best Pink Holo
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Original Sin
2nd: Painted Polish - Haute Parisian Nights
3rd:  ILNP - Daisy

Best Purple Holo
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Vapid Lacuqer - Grape Stomp
3rd:  Tonic Polish - Angelfish

Best Overall White
1st:  Ever After Polish - Mother of Dragons
2nd: Rica Polish - Whiteout
3rd:  Drip Drop Nail Paint - Tighty Whities

Best Overall Black
1st:  Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief
2nd: Cirque Colors - Momento Mori
3rd:  Rica Polish - Blackout

Best Overall Grey
1st:  Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Thunder
2nd: Enchanted Polish - Spiderwebs
3rd:  Polish 'M - Manna's Magnificent Masterpiece

Best Overall Red
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Firestarter
2nd: ILNP - Diablo
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Get to the Poinsettia

Best Overall Pink
1st:  Tonic Polish - Polish Con or Bust
2nd: ILNP - Juliette
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Things That Make You Go Bloom

Best Overall Orange
1st:  Nvr Enuff - Awesome Sauce
2nd: Polish 'M - The Last Mile Home
3rd:  Stached Lacquer - I Don't Carrot All

Best Overall Yellow
1st:  Bliss Polish - Daisy
2nd: Polish 'M - Forget The Rest
3rd:  Sweet and Sour Lacquer - Aye Caramba

Best Overall Green
1st:  Tonic Polish - Slitherin
2nd: Colors by Llarowe - Gemini Rising
3rd:  Stached Lacquer - Second Breakfast

Best Overall Blue
1st:  KB Shimmer - Up and Cunning
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish - Lapis Lazuli
3rd:  Pahlish - Sailing the Hispaniola

Best Overall Purple
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Berry Good Looking
2nd: Baroness X - Doomfire
3rd:  Pahlish - Umridge

Best Overall Gold
1st:  KB Shimmer - Whiskey Business
2nd: Enchanted Polish - Flashing Lights
3rd:  Stached Polish - Glitzy New Year

Best Overall Silver
1st:  ILNP Mega X
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Happy Freakin New Year
3rd:  KB Shimmer - Diamond

Best Overall Multichrome
1st:  Tonic Polish - Dragon Tears
2nd: ILNP - Masquerade
3rd:  Crows Toes Nail Color - Indian Summer

Best Indie Brand for Latex Nail Barrier
1st:  Bliss Kiss - Simply Peel
2nd: Vapid Lacquer - Cat Suit
3rd:  Cuticula - Scented Liquid Nail Tape

Best Indie Brand for Stamping Plates
1st:  UberChic Beauty
2nd: Emily de Molly
3rd:  Lina Nail Art Supplies

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Oil
1st:  Bliss Kiss
2nd: Heather's Hues
3rd:  Lilly Anne's Garden

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Balm
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Lilly Anne's Garden
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Indie Brand for Mani Bombs
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Bluebird Lacquer (formerly Lou It Yourself)
3rd:  Lolita Lacquer/Loquita Bath and Body

Best Indie Brand for Vinyls
1st:  Twinkled T
2nd: What's Up Nails
3rd:  Vino Vinyls

Best Indie Brand for Decals
1st:  What's Up Nails
2nd: KB Shimmer
3rd:  Twinkled T

Best Indie Stockist
1st:  Color 4 Nails
2nd: Live Love Polish
3rd:  Harlow and Co

Best Indie Brand for Non-Polish Products
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Vapid Lacquer
3rd:  Ever After Polish

Best Customer Service
1st:  Vapid Polish
2nd: ILNP
3rd:  Parrot Polish

Best Turn Around Time
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Glam Polish
3rd:  Rica Polish

Best Interaction With a Brand
1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd: Nvr Enuff Polish
3rd:  Anchor and Heart

Best Brand Fan Facebook Group
1st:  Vapid - Vapicorns
2nd: Parrot Polish - Parrot Polish Party People
3rd:  Polish 'M - Polish 'M Fans

Best Non-Brand Facebook Group 
1st:  Hella Holo Customs
2nd: Acetone Alley
3rd:  For the Love of Indies

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Fellow Indie Lovers,

IndieSwatch 2016 Bests are now open!  Top 4 in each category were collected and made it into the final found.  In case of a ties, they were all included.  All options are in alphabetical order.  Voting is open until January 31st 9pm Easter Time.  

Please share, please fill out, please support your favorite indie brands!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 IndieSwatch Bests

Fellow Indie Lovers,

IndieSwatch has been around for the past 3 years now and I have decided that it is time to make sure that our beloved Indies are recognized!  I am going to create this site to help spread the love, provide recognition for these amazing businesses and to introduce brand.

So, without further delay - the nominations are open!  Please fill in as many as you would like!  They are open until 12 pm Eastern January 6th.  Once they are closed, I will select the top 4 in each category to move on to the next and final round!

Please share, please fill out, please support your favorite indie brands!