Monday, February 15, 2021

IndieSwatch 2020 Bests Announced

Indie Lovers!

We are pleased to announced the winners and runner ups.  If a particular category has had the same winner in 1st place for 3 years in a row, the polish or brand will go into the Hall of Fame.  It will be added to the Hall of Fame tab and will be taken out of future voting for that category.  

We have 6 new Hall of Fame entries.  We see some new brands dominating the categories.  

For 2021, we am hoping the world is able to return to some sort of normalcy - that we will see some events take place, that we will see increase in diverse swatchers, and that we as a community continue to support authentic brands that role model inclusiveness.  We plan on retiring a few categories, and will add in a new one that I am really excited about to honor BIPOC brands.

Be sure to check out the adorable badges at the bottom that CDB Nails created for me!

And now let's get to the results!

Best Overall Indie Brand
1st:  Polished For Days (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  Bee's Knees Lacquer

3rd: Wildflower Lacquer

Biggest Indie Brand Loss

1st:  Colors by Llarowe
2nd:  Crows Toes Nail Lacquer
3rd:  Turtle Tootsie Polishes - don't worry, she rebranded to Hearts and Promises

Best Indie Brand New Comer
1st:  Daveen Lacquer
2nd: Lumeen Nails
3rd:  BCB Lacquer

Best Non-US Based Indie Brand
1st:  Emily de Molly (Welcome to the Hall of Fame)
2nd: Cadillacquer
3rd:  Glam Polish

Best Brand That Deserves More Love
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Fancy Gloss
3rd:  Swamp Gloss

Best Base Coat
1st:  Anchor and Heart Lacquer - Mermaid Tears
2nd:  Vibrant Vinyls - Double Bond
3rd:  Cuticula - Cinque

Peel Off Base Coat
1st:  Hit The Bottle - Keepin' It Peel
2nd:  Vapid Lacquer - Commitment Issues
3rd:  Nail Hoot - Swatch and Peel

Best Glossy Top Coat
1st:  Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Hard
2nd:  Cuticula - Limitless Top Coat
3rd:  KBShimmer - Clearly On Top

Best Brand for Scented Top Coat
1st:  Cuticula (Welcome to the Hall of Fame)
2nd:  Vibrant Vinyls
3rd:  Anchor and Heart

Best Matte Top Coat
1st:  Glisten and Glow - Matte Top Coat
2nd:  Cuticula - Cloud Cover
3rd:  Anchor and Heart - Sea Glass

Best Holo Top Coat
1st:  Cupcake Polish - Icing
2nd:  Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Holo
3rd:  Heather's Hues - Holo There

Best Indie Brand for Latex Nail Barrier
Cuticula - Scented Liquid Nail Tape (Welcome to the Hall of Fame)
2nd: Glisten and Glow - CTRL-ALT-DEL Latex Barrier
3rd:  Nail Hoot Indie Lacquers - Talon Tape

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Oil
1st:  Glisten and Glow (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  Different Dimension - Cuticle Oil
Cuticula - Nail Nectar Cuticle Oil

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Balm
1st:  Cuticula - Confection Nail Fortifier (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Unicorn Magic Skincare - Deluxe Cuticle Balm
3rd:  Bluebird Lacquer - No More Uglicles Cuticle Balm

Best Indie Brand for Lotion
1st:  Lucky13 Lacquer - Lotion of Immortality

2nd:  Heather's Hues - WiTS (What Is This Sorcery?)
3rd:  Unicorn Magic Skincare - Deluxe Triple Butter Hand Lotion

Best Indie Brand for Mani Bombs
1st:  KB Shimmer (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Vapid Lacquer

3rd:  All Mixed Up Lacquers

Best Summer Collection
1st: Wildflower Lacquer - Koi Collection
2nd: KB Shimmer - Endless Summer Collection
3rd: Cirque Colors - Vice 2020 Collection

Best Spring Collection
1st:  Polished For Days - Enchanted Woods Collection
2nd: Wildflower Lacquer - So-fish-ticated Collection 
3rd:  ILNP - Hatched Collection

Best Fall Collection
1st: Polished For Days - Cozy Collection
2nd: KBShimmer - All The Fall Things Collection
3rd: Wildflower Lacquer - Fintastic Fall Collection

Best Winter Collection
1st: Polished For Days - Sweater Weather Collection
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Frost Collection
3rd: KBShimmer - Love At Frost Sight Collection

Best Holiday Collection
1st: KBShimmer - Halloween Trio
2nd: Rogue Lacquer - Holiday Trio
3rd: Night Owl Lacquer - Potion Ingredients Collection

Best Overall Collection
1st: Ethereal Lacquer - Frost Collection
2nd: KBShimmer - Endless Summer Collection
3rd: Pahlish - Hey Let's Go Collection

Best Collaboration Box
1st:  Hella Handmade Creations
2nd: Polished Gamers Box
3rd:  For the Love of Polish Box

Best Advent Calendar
1st: Bluebird Lacquer
2nd: Lantern and Wren
3rd: Sparkle and Shine (Nailed It! Polish and Wildflower Lacquer)

Best Brand for Holographic Polish
1st:  ILNP
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer
3rd:  Wildflower Lacquer

Best Brand for Glitter Toppers
1st:  Fancy Gloss
2nd:  Colores de Carol
3rd:  Cuticula

Best Brand for Glitter Bombs
1st:  KBShimmer
2nd:  Esmaltes da Kelly
3rd:  Different Dimension Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Crellies
1st:  Polished For Days (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  KBShimmer
3rd:  Rogue Lacquer

Best Brand for Cremes
1st:  Night Owl Lacquer

2nd:  KBShimmer
3rd:  Fancy Gloss

Best Brand for Multichromes
1st:  IL
2nd: Bees Knees Lacquer
3rd:  KBShimmer

Best Brand for Unicorn Pee Polishes
1st:  Bee's Knees Lacquer (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: JReine
Tonic Polish

Best Brand for Thermal Polishes
1st:  Fancy Gloss (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Cadillacquer
3rd:  Parrot Polish

Best Brand for Shimmer Polishes
1st:  Ethereal Lacquer (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Bees Knees Lacquer
3rd: Polished For Days

Best Brand for Flakies
1st:  Polished For Days (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  KBShimmer
3rd:  Wildflower Lacquer

Best Brand for Magnetic Polishes
1st:  DRK Nails
2nd:  Bee's Knees Lacquer

Best Brand for Stamping Polishes
Hit The Bottle  (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  Painted Polish
3rd:  Whats Up Nails

Best Brand for Customs
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer
2nd: Zombie Claw Polish
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Thermal Polish
1st:  Cadillacquer - Eerie
2nd: Fancy Gloss - Toxic B*tch

3rd: Fancy Gloss - Cool Waters

Best Glow In The Dark Polish
1st:  Lucky13 Lacquer - Can I Keep You
2nd: Serum No5 - Herstory
3rd:  Bee's Knees Lacquer - Nimroot

Best Holographic Polish
1st:  Bluebird Lacquer - The Ryan King
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Raspberry Margarita
3rd: JReine - Rainbow Kingdom

Best Jelly Based Polish
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer - Don't Play Koi
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Dragonfruit

3rd: Fancy Gloss - Ocean

Best Glitter Topper
1st: Cuticula - Candy Crush
2nd: KBShimmer - Prism
3rd: Rogue Lacquer - Bed of Roses

Best Creme Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Bedankt Bedankt
3rd: Nailed It! Nail Polish - Up To Snow Good

Best Overall Multichrome
1st: ILNP - Eclipse
2nd: KBShimmer - Obsidian

3rd: Fair Maiden Polish - Trailblazer

Best Glitter Crelly
1st: Glisten and Glow - Baby Shark
2nd: KBShimmer - Baking Spirits Bright
3rd: All Mixed Up Lacquer - Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin

Best Glitter Bomb
1st: Cupcake Polish - Mr. Mint
2nd: KBShimmer - Celebrate Good Shine
3rd: Rogue Lacquer - Regal

Best Shimmer Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Hitchhiking Ghosts
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Under The Sea
3rd: Ethereal Lacquer - Artemis

Best Flakie Polish
1st: Wildflower Lacquer - Don't Play Koi
2nd: KBShimmer - Sol What
3rd: Polished For Days - Just Keep Swimming

Best Unicorn Pee
1st: Bees' Knees Lacquer - When All is Blood
2nd: Bee's Knees Lacquer - Shoggoth
3rd: Bee's Knees Lacquer - Gravebone

Best Magnetic Polish
1st: KB Shimmer - I Need Space
2nd: KB Shimmer - Love At Frost Sight
3rd: Nailed It! Nail Polish - By Your Side

Best Solar Polish
1st: Heather's Hues - Beat The Heat
2nd: Lucky13 Lacquer - Can I Keep You
3rd: Don Deeva - CO2 Bubbles and Liquor Doubles

Best Black Polish
1st: Cupcake Polish - How Do You Like Meow
2nd: Fancy Gloss - Pitch Black
3rd: Nailed It! Nail Polish - Blackout

Best White Polish
1st: Ethereal Lacquer  - Ophidia
2nd: Painted Polish - Blanc Slate
3rd: Bee's Knees Lacquer - A Mantis Shrimp's Favorite Color

Best Gray/Grey Polish
1st: Pahlish - Timeless Child
2nd: Fancy Gloss - Fog
3rd: Bee's Knees Lacquer - Crunk Bunny

Best Brown Polish
1st: Wildflower Lacquer - Harley
2nd: Painted Polish - Espresso Patronum
3rd: Painted Polish - Hold My Butterbeer

Best Red Polish
1st: Bluebird Lacquer - Centaur of Attention
2nd: Wildflower Lacquer - Cherry Smasher
3rd: Fancy Gloss - Blood Moon

Best Pink Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Aki
2nd: Ethereeal Lacquer - Dragon Drink
3rd: JReine - Temple of Temptation

Best Orange Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Long Live The King (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Fair Maiden Polish - Mind Freak
3rd: KBShimmer - Hey There Pumpkin

Best Yellow Polish
1st: Wildflower Lacquer - Sun Chaser
2nd:  Cupcake Polish - Tale As Old As Time
3rd: Polished For Days - Dandelion

Best Green Polish
1st: Bluebird Lacquer - The Ryan King
2nd: KBShimmer - He Slimed Me
3rd: JReine - Nom Nom

Best Blue Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Hitchhiking Ghosts
2nd: Wildflower Lacquer - Don't Play Koi
3rd: Polished For Days - Just Keep Swimming

Best Purple Polish
1st: Ethereal Lacquer - Plum Frost
2nd: Polish Molish - Smoothie Operator
3rd: Heather's Hues - Scorpius

Best Gold Polish
1st: Colores de Carol - King Tut
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Melissius
3rd: Starrily - Au

Best Silver Polish
1st: Ethereal Lacquer - Prism
2nd: Cupcake Polish - Walk The Plank
3rd: Prism Polish - Help Me I'm Feeling

Best Indie Brand for Stamping Plates
1st:  Lantern and Wren
2nd: UberChic Beauty
3rd:  Whats Up Nails

Best Indie Brand for Vinyls
1st:  Whats Up Nails (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Vibrant Vinyls
3rd:   Ribbits Stickits

Best Indie Brand for Decals
1st:  Ribbits Stickits
2nd: Whats Up Nails
3rd:  Twinkled T

Best Indie Stockist
1st:  Lantern and Wren (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics
3rd:  Whats Up Nails

Best Indie Brand for Non-Polish Products
1st:  KBShimmer - Sugar Scrub

2nd: Nailed It! Nail Polish - Soap
3rd:  Lucky13 Lacquer - Lotion of Immortality

Best Customer Service
1st:  Bee's Knees Lacquer
2nd: Polished For Days
3rd:  Ethereal Lacquer

Best Turn Around Time
1st:  Polished For Days (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: KBShimmer
3rd:  Glisten and Glow

Best Interaction With a Brand
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer
2nd: Bee's Knees Lacquer
3rd:  Glisten and Glow

Best Brand Fan Facebook Group
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer - Wild For Wildflower
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Ethereal Lacquer Lovers
3rd:  Moon Shine Mani - Moon Shine Mani Fans

Best Non-Brand Facebook Group 
1st: Hella Handmade Creations

2nd: Polished Gamers
3rd: Toluene Trashcan

Best Indie Brand for Wax
1st:  Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
2nd: Bees Knees Lacquer
3rd:  Wildflower Lacquer

Best Brand For Punny Names
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics
3rd:  Bluebird Lacquer

Best Event
1st: Delanie/Fat Cat Pawlished Lives
2nd: Battle of the Bottles
3rd: Polish Con UK Virtual Event

Best Thing That Happened This Year
1st: Diveristy discussions/BLM/Seeing more POC Swatcher (overwhelming winner)
2nd: Polish Pick Up
3rd: Black to red multichrome

Best Brand to Personify Giving Back
1st: Bee's Knees Lacquer
2nd: Wildflower Lacquer
3rd: Ethereal Lacquer

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Badges for the makers! (or bloggers if you would like to use during a post about a specific brand)  Thanks again to Cheyenne of CDB Nails for your creative brilliance

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