Thursday, February 6, 2020

IndieSwatch 2019 Bests Announced

Indie Lovers!

I am pleased to announced the winners and runner ups.  This is the second year we are implementing the Hall of Fame!  If a particular category has had the same winner in 1st place for 3 years in a row, the polish or brand will go into the Hall of Fame.  It will be added to the Hall of Fame tab and will be taken out of future voting for that category.  At the very end, I have answers and comments to some of the feedback and plans going forward.

First let's look at some stats!  Total of 1963 valid voters.  A total of over 97,000 individual votes were casted.
Be sure to check out the adorable badges at the bottom that CDB Nails created for me!

And now let's get to the results!

Best Overall Indie Brand
1st:  Polished For Days
2nd:  Bee's Knees Lacquer

3rd: Emily de Molly

Biggest Indie Brand Loss

1st:  Vapid Lacquer
2nd:  Sayuri Lacquer
3rd:  Bliss Polish

Best Indie Brand New Comer
1st:  Red Eyed Lacquer
2nd: MLF Lacquer
3rd:  Jen and Berries Nail Lacquer

Best Non-US Based Indie Brand
1st:  Emily de Molly (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics
3rd:  Danglefoot Nail Polish

Best Brand That Deserves More Love
1st:  Wildflower Lacquer
2nd: Fancy Gloss
3rd:  Heather's Hues

Best Base Coat
1st:  Glisten and Glow - Base Coat (Welcome to the Hall of Fame)
2nd:  Anchor and Heart Lacquer - Mermaid Tears
3rd:  Cuticula - Mic Drop

Peel Off Base Coat
1st:  Cuticula - Peel Off Base Coat
2nd:  Hit The Bottle - Keepin' It Peel
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer - Commitment Issues

Best Glossy Top Coat
1st:  Cuticula - Limitless Top Coat
2nd:  Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Hard
3rd:  POP Polish - Liquid Glass

Best Scented Top Coat
1st:  Cuticula - Timeless Top Coat (2nd year at 1st)
2nd:  Vibrant Vinyls - Fast and Hard
3rd:  Purple Willow Apothecary - Impact Top Coat

Best Matte Top Coat
1st:  Quixotic Polish - Truly, Matte-ley, Deeply
2nd:  Tonic Polish - Liquid Velvet
3rd:  Cuticula - Cloud Cover

Best Holo Top Coat
1st:  Cuticula - Sparks Fly
2nd:  Cirque Colors - We Trippy
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer - Stardust

Best Indie Brand for Latex Nail Barrier
Cuticula - Scented Liquid Nail Tape (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics - Border Patrol
3rd:  Nail Hoot Indie Lacquers - Talon Tape

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Oil
1st:  Glisten and Glow
2nd: Cuticula - Nail Nectar Cuticle Oil
3rd:  Cuter Cuticles - Cuticle Oil

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle Balm
1st:  Cuticula - Confection Nail Fortifier
2nd: Heather's Hues - WiTS (What is This Sorcery?)
3rd:  Cuter Cuticles - Barrier Butter

Best Indie Brand for Lotion
1st:  Lilly Anne's Garden - Lotion (2nd year in 1st)

2nd:  Heather's Hues - Fluffer Butter
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer - Body Cream

Best Indie Brand for Mani Bombs
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd: Vapid Lacquer

3rd:  All Mixed Up Lacquers

Best Summer Collection
1st: Painted Polish - At Sea
2nd: KB Shimmer - Seas The Day
3rd: Tonic Polish - Matte Brights

Best Spring Collection
1st: Polished For Days - Pixie Hollow
2nd: Tonic Polish - Spring Neons
3rd: Rogue Lacquer - Isle of Wight

Best Fall Collection
1st: KB Shimmer - Up and Autumn
2nd: Tonic Polish - Fall Collection 2019
3rd: JReine - Originals 

Best Winter Collection
1st: KB Shimmer - License to Chill
2nd: Quixotic Polish - Cold Front
3rd: Pahlish - Russian Ballet

Best Holiday Collection
1st: Polished For Days - Nightmare
2nd: Tonic Polish - Holiday Collection 2019
3rd: Painted Polish - New Years Quartet

Best Overall Collection
1st: Tonic Polish - Multichrome Parade
2nd: Polished For Days - Pixie Hollow
3rd: Rogue Lacquer - Wilds of Arizona

Best Collaboration Box
1st:  Polish Pick Up (Welcome to the Hall of Fame)
2nd: For The Love Of Polish Box 
3rd:  Fandom Flakies

Best Advent Calendar
1st: Pahlish
2nd: Glisten and Glow
3rd: Nvr Enuff Polish

Best Brand for Holographic Polish
1st:  A England
2nd: Painted Polish
3rd:  Tonic Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Toppers
1st:  Emily de Molly
2nd:  Painted Polish
3rd:  Quixotic Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Bombs
1st:  POP Polish
2nd:  Painted Polish
3rd:  Cupcake Polish

Best Brand for Glitter Crellies
1st:  Polished For Days
2nd:  Painted Polish 
3rd:  Emily de Molly

Best Brand for Cremes
1st:  Cirque Colors (2nd year at 1st)

2nd:  Night Owl Lacquer
3rd:  Fancy Gloss

Best Brand for Multichromes
Tonic Nail Polish (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Great Lakes Lacquer
3rd:  POP Polish

Best Brand for Unicorn Pee Polishes
1st:  Bee's Knees Lacquer
2nd: JReine
Tonic Polish

Best Brand for Thermal Polishes
1st:  Fancy Gloss (2nd year at 1st!)
2nd: Femme Fatale Cosmetics
3rd:  KB Shimmer

Best Brand for Shimmer Polishes
1st:  Ethereal Lacquer
2nd: Emily de Molly
3rd: Bees Knees Lacquer

Best Brand for Flakies
1st:  Polished For Days
2nd:  Emily de Molly
3rd:  Rogue Lacquer

Best Brand for Magnetic Polishes
1st:  KB Shimmer
2nd:  Bee's Knees Lacquer
Tonic Polish

Best Brand for Stamping Polishes
Hit The Bottle  
2nd:  Painted Polish
3rd:  Twinkled T

Best Brand for Customs
1st:  Great Lakes Lacquer
2nd: Heather's Hues
3rd:  Wildflower Lacquer

Best Thermal Polish
1st:  Heather's Hues - Ethereal
2nd: Nailed It!  Nail Polish - Spirit of the Forest

3rd: Fancy Gloss - Water Lilies

Best Glow In The Dark Polish
1st:  Tonic Polish - Snow Glowbe
2nd: KB Shimmer - Hubble'd Together
Prism Polish - Spark in the Dark

Best Holographic Polish
1st:  Tonic Polish - Jinkx
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Raspberry Margarita
3rd: Vapid Lacquer - Cyber Punk

Best Jelly Based Polish
1st:  Great Lakes Lacquer - These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Gryffindor

3rd: JReine - Sea of Liars

Best Glitter Topper
1st: Polished For Days - Rainbow's End
2nd: Tonic Polish - Snow Globe
3rd: Moon Shine Mani - Over The Toptober

Best Creme Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Fancy Gloss - Pitch Black
3rd: JReine - Spell

Best Overall Multichrome
1st: Tonic Nail Polish - Peacock Parade (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Quixotic Polish - Flying Past The Stars

3rd: Bees Knees Lacquer - I Just Wanted A Sister

Best Glitter Crelly
1st: KB Shimmer - Leaf of Faith
2nd: Emily de Molly - Frail Promise
3rd: Glisten and Glow - Autumn in a Nutshell

Best Glitter Bomb
1st: Painted Polish - Drunk On Holo
2nd: Tonic Polish - Bringin' On the Bling
3rd: POP Polish - Mardis Gras

Best Shimmer Polish
1st: Ethereal Lacquer - Under the Sea
2nd: Polished For Days - Dragonfly
3rd: Bees Knees Lacquer - Concillium
3rd: Emily de Molly - Parallel Worlds

Best Flakie Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Kelpie (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Emily de Molly - Half Orange
3rd: Night Owl Lacquer - The Burned Moon

Best Unicorn Pee
1st: Bees Knees Lacquer - Concillium
2nd: Heather's Hues - Ethereal
3rd: Tonic Polish - Apotheke

Best Magnetic Polish
1st: KB Shimmer - Something Wicca This Way Comes
2nd: KB Shimer - Solar Flare
3rd: Emily de Molly - Hazy Situation

Best Solar Polish
1st: Colores de Carol - Feather Parade
2nd: Heather's Hues - Fire Bridge
3rd: Necessary Evil Polish - Once Upon A Lifetime

Best Black Polish
1st: Cirque Colors - Momento Mori
2nd: Fancy Gloss - Pitch Black
3rd: Tonic Polish - Black Friday

Best White Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Blanc Slate
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Wedding Gown White
3rd: Bees Knees Lacquer - A Mantis Shrimp's Favorite Color

Best Gray/Grey Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Rainbow Recruit
2nd: Pahlish - Nymeria
3rd: Bee's Knees - Lafayette Witch

Best Brown Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Boogie With The Beast  
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Betelgeuse
3rd: Night Owl Lacquer - Windswept

Best Red Polish
1st: Colores de Carol - Red Balloon Dog
2nd: Polished For Days - Fireside
3rd: Emily de Molly - Sugar Coated Memories

Best Pink Polish
1st: Emily de Molly - City of Lights
2nd: Glisten and Glow - Raspberry Margarita
3rd: Cupcake Polish - Mr. Mint

Best Orange Polish
1st: Polished For Days - Long Live The King
2nd: Quixotic Polish - Sunset Swinging
3rd: Fair Maiden Polish - Mind Freak

Best Yellow Polish
1st: Tonic Nail Polish - Lemon and Cream (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd:  Emily de Molly - Goddess of Rays
3rd: Painted Polish - Twister on the Tides

Best Green Polish
1st: Tonic Polish - Slytherin
2nd: KB Shimmer - Having A Gourd Time
3rd: JReine - Swamp Water

Best Blue Polish
1st: Ethereal Lacquer - Alaskan
2nd: Prism Polish - My Guitar Gently Weeps
3rd: Heather's Hues - Dragon Wings

Best Purple Polish
1st: Emily de Molly - Half Orange
2nd: Heather's Hues - Ethereal
3rd: Fancy Gloss - Royal

Best Gold Polish
1st: KB Shimmer - Foiled Again
2nd: Tonic Polish - PSL or Bust
3rd: Fancy Gloss - Gold Twinkle

Best Silver Polish
1st: Painted Polish - Drunk on Holo
2nd: Emily de Molly - Diamond Eyes
3rd: Tonic Polish - Jinkx

Best Indie Brand for Stamping Plates
1st:  Whats Up Nails
2nd: LINA Nail Art Supplies
3rd:  Hit The Bottle

Best Indie Brand for Vinyls
1st:  Whats Up Nails
2nd: Vibrant Vinyls
3rd:   Ribbits Stickits

Best Indie Brand for Decals
1st:  Whats Up Nails
2nd: Ribbits Stickits 
3rd:  Fangirl Polish

Best Indie Stockist
1st:  Lantern and Wren
2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics
3rd:  Rainbow Connection UK

Best Indie Brand for Non-Polish Products
1st:  Vapid Lacquer - Nail Sauce (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)

2nd: Lilly Anne's Garden - Lotion
3rd:  Heather's Hues - WiTS (What is This Sorcery?)

Best Customer Service
1st:  Tonic Polish (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Cuticula
3rd:  Bees Knees Lacquer

Best Turn Around Time
1st:  Polished For Days (2nd year at 1st)
2nd: Glisten and Glow
3rd:  Emily de Molly

Best Interaction With a Brand
1st:  Cuticula
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer
3rd:  Quixotic Polish

Best Brand Fan Facebook Group
1st:  Tonic Nail Polish - Tonic Nail Polish
2nd: Ethereal Lacquer - Ethereal Lacquer Lovers
3rd:  Bees Knees Lacquer - Bees Knees Lacquer Buzz

Best Non-Brand Facebook Group 
1st: Polish Pick Up Pack 
(Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Acetone Alley 
3rd: Nail Stamping Sisterhood

Best Indie Brand for Wax
1st:  Vapid Lacquer (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Bees Knees Lacquer
3rd:  Wildflower Lacquer

Best Brand For Punny Names
1st:  KB Shimmer (Welcome to the Hall of Fame!)
2nd: Emily de Molly

2nd: Girly Bits Cosmetics
3rd:  Vapid Lacquer

Best Event
1st: Polish Pick Up
2nd: The Indie Shop (San Antonio)
3rd: Polish Con

Best Thing That Happened This Year
1st: Polish Pick Up - UK site, After Pay
2nd: Indie Love and Light Project, giving back, helping each other 
3rd: Collaborations that happened

If you find an error, please send an email to


Badges for the makers! (or bloggers if you would like to use during a post about a specific brand)  Thanks again to Cheyenne of CDB Nails for your creative brilliance

Frequently asked questions/feedback:
  • Why can't you limit nominations to just the current year?  This would require a lot of extra work on top of what is already done for the IndieSwatch Bests.  The Hall of Fame was an answer to limit repeat winners.  
  • Who is IndieSwatch?  A fellow indie lover and supporter of small business.  I am a blogger/swatcher and friends to many a maker.  Most don't know I am IndieSwatch and would like to keep it that way.  I don't want "special treatment."
  • Is this rigged?  The nominations are released on the IG page and shared in plenty of Facebook Groups.  If it were rigged this year and previous years some brands would have won and others would not (I'm human, I have my favorites too).


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