Wednesday, March 6, 2019

YvyVernis: Serenity In A House on Haunted Chill

Indie Lovers,
We have our second guest blogger feature today! Yvy from YvyVernis will be doing a compare post. Yvy has this amazing skill that combines pose with camera shot and a touch of lighting that captures the shimmer in polishes perfectly. This blog post is just a sample of that! At the very bottom is the rafflecopter to win 1 of 2 Full Collections being given away on the blog! Be sure to check it out! Thanks again Yvy!

Meet YvyVernis....

Serenity in a House on Haunted Chill

I am honored to be able to come to you as a Guest blogger to the IndieSwatch! No, I don’t know who she really is either! 
Recently all the Winners were announced in what is THE Annual Awards in our indie community. Tonic took home “Best overall polish” and so today I am doing a comparison blog of two polishes that are super amazing, the second polish is last years “Best overall” Bee’s Knees Lacquer. I will say I love both these brands and polishes, so I will not pick a best between them, I’m a mom I know where picking favorites gets you!
 I will compare them in the following areas: 
·      Coats to Opacity
·      Color
·      Shift
·      Formula Consistency 
·      Topability
First up I have Serenity from Tonic Polish. Serenity was released in January of 2019
·      Coats to Opacity: 2-3 coats, I used 3 coats
·      Color: Denim blue holographic with strong bright coral shimmer and holographic micro glitters.
·      Shift: At low lights you can pick up green and yellow flashes.
·      Formula consistency: Smooth consistency and applies evenly throughout the brush stroke, dries to a semi glossy finish.
·      Topability: This polish can also be layered over other colors, one coat over black, blue or purple crème.  

Next up is House on Haunted Chill which was released in the Debut collection for BKL circa 2017
·      Coats to Opacity: 3 thin coats
·      Color: A sheer Jelly Blurple base with opalescent shifting shimmer
·      Shift: Strong Green, Gold and Pink Shifts
·      Formula consistency: Smooth consistency and applies evenly throughout the brush stroke, dries to a semi glossy finish.
·      Topability: Looks great over dark and light colors

My two cents, though these colors are similar and yes that ol’ meme applies here! They are not the same or dupes. Serenity has a very different base that is more green leaning blue and HOHC leans much more indigo blue/purple. 
They both have that strong green and pink shift, Serenity has a more yellow shimmer particle shift in low light and HOHC has a gold shimmer particle that can chameleon with the surrounding colors. 
Both can be used on their own or as toppers, they will also look great sponged on. Using the sponging method, you gain a foil like finish because you pack on the shimmers and particles. 
So, do I recommend having both of these polishes in your collection. Yes! 
Note on availability: House on Haunted Chill has been retired so if you find it in a destash cherish it. Serenity is still available and with Lindsey’s selling practices you should find it on her site for a while. 
Thank you for allowing me to invade your usually scheduled programing. I have enjoyed being a guest here today. Catch me around all my social links are listed below. 
Thanks for reading!

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